Yes, Baby, That’s Iran


Before you even start reading, I shall mention that this abstract piece of memory is now being refreshed after quite a while since I was visiting Iran.



Yet, no other country in the World has won over my heart as much as this mind-blowing one.

Direct streaming from the Teheran airport.


I’ve just passed the security part, which is strictly separated from men. I’ve got my scarf lifted, my jewellery checked, and my feathers taken off; just to make sure I’m eligible to be boarded. Oppositely than the security control for men, two female officers check women in a closed cube.

Before going to the airport, today we had a plan to explore more of Teheran, however, due to the traffic jam, we had to spend 4 hours in a taxi, 1 hour in a metro and 1 hour on foot. During this 6 hours timeline, we managed to visit 3 objects: a cinema museum, the Northern area with some beautiful rocks and the famous TV tower. 


Just to have a better grasp of the city size, please keep in mind that the population of Teheran is 14mln people and while travelling from one side of the city to the other, weather temperature changes by 7 degrees.


My husband was extremely angry with a taxi driver. He had not a single clue where he was heading to, he couldn’t manage to use navigation properly and was constantly shifting from one lane of the highway to the other. Seeing us deeply irritated, the last thing he could do was stopping by a corner store and offering us some potato chips. “This one is on me”. That’s what he said.

What a sweetheart! 


This was after spending 2 hours in a cab already.

Cab seat was wrapped in a transparent robust plastic as if the seat was completely untouched, brand new. It’s true, Iranians tend to keep things wrapped in the plastic cover as long as possible, so to protect them from wearing out. It’s simply because getting something imported to the country is actually quite hard.

Look at the Mahan airlines – national airlines of Iran. They use 27,9 years old Airbuses, whose replacement parts had been even refused to be sold by the USA. So from Shiraz to Teheran, we flew with a real grandpa plane, and it luckily was fine. 


Before getting to Teheran, we were visiting Shiraz – South of Iran – the old capital of wine and palm trees. Of course, that was before the alcohol was prohibited there. Now Shiraz is just a capital of palm trees. And oranges. And of course… gardens of hardly comprehensible beauty, as well as all the roots and beginnings of the World’s culture. 


Without being an agricultural city, Shiraz hosts the remaining of Persepolis and Necropolis (city of the dead) where you can find the historical artefacts left by the vicious Alexander the Great. Besides owning the old Persian heritage, Alexander was quick to emerge into the tombs of Persian kings and cut their bodies into pieces.


Despite this cruelty, Iranians still hate Arabs more than Macedonians. Actually, they love everyone despite Arabs. Sounds complex, doesn’t it? 

  • Did you know, that in Iran black colour means happiness and white means grieve?

  • Also, if you get an invitation to be a guest in Iranian‘s house for the 3rd time – it’s considered to be impolite for you to refuse it.

  • Lastly, if you are young and wild, you have to leave the city with a bunch of like-minded on a secret bus and party hard in a wide desert.

Yes, baby, that’s Iran.

*Just to mention – magazines in the airplanes contain a lot of Persian poetry instead of offers for various snacks and beverages on board. Just think about it for a while. Habits of one deeply isolated country versus all of the open World. 

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