Wedding On the Top Of the Gudauri Mountain

I just asked a guy I barely knew to teach me to ride a longboard. And the adventure had started. We were riding in the park regularly and a few months later we went to France for snowboarding. After this trip, he asked me, if I would like to be his girlfriend. “We share our hobbies, values, and views. I think this could work”, he said rationally. I agreed, and as time went on, we found out that we had more in common - a dream to snowboard for the whole winter.

10 May 2019


On top of that decided to get married.

He took a snowboard instructor’s course and shortly got a job in Georgia’s ski resort. At the beginning of the winter, we went to Gudauri and settled there for four months. We were living our dream life there and… on top of that decided to get married. It was a no brainer - we wished to do this in our snowy paradise - mountains. Honestly, I never saw myself getting married in Registry Office, I am more of a rebel person and imagined the big day as a bold elopement.

First of all, we thought we will have the ceremony on the top of the mountain in snowboarding outfits and with snowboards under our feet. Unfortunately, I got injured and couldn’t walk, so the snowboarding concept didn’t sound right anymore.

We both agreed to dress in pure black.

We bought a regular black hoodie for the groom and a simple black top for the bride in Tbilisi supermarket. We went to some downtown district, which reminded me of Vilnius Perkūnkiemis to see the local Georgian seamstress Manana, who sewed me black tulle skirt for 70 Eur in total. I ordered a white crown from the local artist for 10 Eur via the Internet. I have chosen the flowers I like from the given photos of the flower market. I wanted my marriage to be effortless, so I did not bother to try those things on. I have ordered those items and saw them one hour before the ceremony. I knew that the most important things aren’t those. Yet, we wanted our wedding rings to be right, but we knew that in the gold market of Tbilisi this will not be the easiest task. Georgians are crazy about solid golden rings, covered with jewels. So we spent some time describing the details of our western European type rings to the jeweler. We took four rings from his counter and patiently explained what must be taken from each of them. He created them in a day and exactly as we wanted.


Finally, the wedding day has dawned and I am not gonna lie - it was quite a drama!

Because of the heavy snowfall, the roads were snowbound. Wedding translator coming from Tbilisi together with photographers were late. The road from the Registry officer’s side was closed, so she could not reach us at all. We decided to reach the officer on the other side of the mountain by ski lifts. I was jumping from gondola to gondola with my crutches in a hurry because the ski lifts were supposed to be closed very soon. At last, we reached the point.


Photographers found a pretty spot and settled us on the gravel road (symbolic, isn’t it?) with a mountain peaks and mineral water factory in the background (let’s make it really raw!). We held the short official ceremony there on the muddy road, quickly signed the papers and speeded up to gondola to meet our friends and colleagues on the mountain top. We exchanged our rings and vows, blessed by the glazed sunbeams and panoramic views of Caucasus mountain tops.

This effortless and dramatic wedding was funny and unforgettable.

We married standing on the dirt road, rounded up with unsweetened, raw romance. I feel that adventures will lead us the whole life. Life, flavored with snowboards, longboards, a constant traveling - the truthful path leading to essential matters.