Traveling Through the List of Freedom for the Others


Hello, I am Julija Minajeva a social media communication coach, freelancer, blogger, yoga teacher experiencing slow, mindful, yet an adventurous lifestyle. At the moment I am homeless, but traveling to places, where various projects invite me. Currently, I am dwelling in Georgia and enjoying here a never-ending holiday vibe in a skiing resort for the whole season. 

Imagine that you are free. I mean, really free. What picture do you see? Flying over the horizon? Wandering here and there, hitchhiking in America or surfing through white beaches? Waking up in the noon and realizing you have nothing to do today? Leaving your hated job? Going really wild in Siberia? Spending as much as you can? What is freedom? Are freedom and independence achievable only for digital-nomads and modern hippies or maybe gap year lovers and single rich bachelors? Does freedom is always dressed in hipster backpacks, wrapped in lots of money, chunky credit cards, packed with overpriced hiking shoes and numerous camera lenses in order to publish everything on Instagram?

8 February, 2019




My readers often comment or message me referring to my lifestyle as something exclusive and overfilled with freedom. Freedom, which is considered to be exceptional, extraordinary, in other words - freedom, which is not available for everyone. OTHER kinds of freedom. reachable only to OTHERS:  odd, strange, outstanding. I know where it comes from. People are used to seeing me as an always traveling, self-employed freelancer without any commitments. This is true, but - wait a minute!! - today I will tell you more about my freedom. I am going to list some elements of my life and I will ask you to mark those you think you cannot preach in your life because of your job, family life, financial state, gender, age, status, etc.

Let’s play a little bit, ok?


Freedom for me is:

1. Being spontaneous.

2. Enjoying my morning routines (exercise, slow breakfast, coffee, pleasant duties).

3. Making decisions for myself and directing my own life the way I like.

4. Working on projects I strongly believe in. Omitting other ones. 

5. Freely planning my working hours and tasks. 

6. Dressing the way I feel and like. 

7. Feeling that people (friends, acquaintances, family members) accept me exactly for who I am.

8. The sense of safety wherever I am.

9. Doing whatever I want no matter where I am or with whom.

10. Feeling independent of other peoples’ opinion.

11. Ability to make decisions on my own. I mean - without consulting psychiatrists, astrologists, friends. Inner knowledge always delivers this power to me.

12. Financial freedom. When I do not need to consider whether to buy this takeaway coffee or not.

13. Ability to fulfill my own wishes and ability to feel calm, when I cannot have what I want at the moment.

14. Acting emotionally.

15. Letting go.

16. Being present and detached from the future or past.

17. Creating something: making or editing photos, videos, writing exactly what I want to write.

18. Ability to sleep when and for how long I want.

19. Being truthful with myself and others.

20. Being free of stories my emotions create.

21. Being very open in the relationships.

22. Being uncomfortable and acting disregarding expectations of others.

23. Listening to the inner voice and acting intuitively.

24. Sometimes acting irrationally and unexpectedly.

25. Dancing.

26. Singing.

27. Staying alone (for a day or week) and feeling absolutely comfortable with that.

28. Freedom of choice.

29. Often changing my opinion or priorities.

30. Changing my mind (every day).

31. Being faithful and honest with myself.

32. Being loyal to my beliefs and principles.


How many points did you score? What do you say? Do you still think my elements of freedom is something that only Others can experience? 

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