The Red Planet Country of Jordan / Waking up all the senses

This is more of a picture-story of visiting the Red-planet-country of our Earth called Jordan. The comparison to the Red Planet (a.k.a. Mars) is here on purpose – movies taking place in Mars were filmed in the mesmerizing desert called Wadi Mujib. Sounds super adventurous already, doesn‘t it? “Think Indiana Jones”, “Lawrance of Arabia” “The Mummy returns”, “The Martian” and many more. My inner fictional character was thriving in my imagination. Thus, I invite you to get a glimpse of this amazing sight and try sensing it too!


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The coffee is just extraordinary and out-of-this-world with the richness of taste. At least for our Eastern European receptors. What makes it so special? Well, first – it’s the black cardamom that makes it spicy in a good way. Second ingredient – pure love with which you get the coffee from the locals. Be it a fourteen-ish local boy from a coffee kiosk or a woman named Leila, dressed in a traditional Jordanian gown, whose home you accidentally find yourself visiting. Yes – this can happen in Amman.


From the same fourteen-year-old coffee boy who can chirp like an exotic bird to a mysterious adhan - the Islamic call to worship echoing through the whole city. Oh, and the car beeps in the super busy Amman streets. And the Arabic language, connecting it all to a simply vibrant energetic field in the Jordanian air. Magical.


Could you imagine, how does the sand smell? Or the stars? In Jordan, the sand in the dessert is red – and you can feel the dusty smell of the air with your whole body. Yup – it soaks in through your skin. Especially, in the night – lying on the rock, watching the night sky of the Middle East. It seems that they have more stars than us under their sky. And you can almost smell them as well (magic dust, you know). There’s just a perfect time and place for making your wishes. The feeling of spending a night in the desert is just surreal – I don’t remember a time when the space around me and in my head felt so clear.


It’s hard to describe the overwhelming feeling that fills you up while in Jordan. When you come to a Middle Eastern country for the first time you kind of expect everything they show in the movies – loud people, crazy driving and the local way of life you don’t understand. That is what you get to see. But it also comes with the wonders of hospitality and kindness of the people that blows your mind away. A dangerously looking guy in a street with the biggest heart in the world, who walks with you for more than an hour in the late night, trying to find you a bar with alcohol, (as there are very few in the whole city), not succeeding to do so and buying you tea on the street instead. Or the family you just met, insisting to make you dinner or at least to have you for a cup of coffee with all the sweets they have in their home. I couldn’t help but wonder – how come they trust us from the first sight as we are so suspicious about them? I guess, they just know how humans work: when you give, you get. And when you get, you have to give. I know it will sound super cheesy, but the best currency for these trades are respect, kindness, tolerance, and L-O-V-E, folks. Let’s spread it.

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