September Issues Solved by Instagram

Do you like autumn? I know a lot of people who do. Usually, they are crazy about layer-based outfits, yellow leaves, and city fuss. I cannot share this approach. I love effortless summer so much. I even have my hacks to prolong it. However, I won’t write about my upcoming fall trip to Greece this time. Instead, I decided to share 12 fabulous Instagram accounts, which will lift the mood, inspire to travel, encourage daydreaming, and bring summer smells back.



This account is washed in Italian-like atmosphere, inviting to dive into sweet lazy days. Enjoy tasty flat lays, bouquets, city, and panoramas of unspoiled wilderness. Stylish it is!


A lifestyle magazine about modern business. Food photos brilliantly mixed with nature views. It is hard to decide which of them to lick with your tongue.


Rita is a Lithuanian photographer, creating perfect summer reminiscence. Her photos filled with childhood innocence, wedding authenticity, and the feeling of everyday magic.


Eager to hit the road and see something really worth-a-hipster? Those wild Russians know how to do it. Raw, unexpected, undiscovered experience. From Russia with love.


Amsterdam based creative studio, specializing in branding, design & content creation. Let’s sneak peek into their minimalistic, gorgeous office; everybody would like to work at.


Another traveling inspo account. Spiced with some hipster personalities. Makes you think that wilderness is not so scary and uncomfortable, yet stylish.


Mostly palm trees surrounded by pastel horizons. Squeeze some negative space compositions into your screen!


This feed is full of freaky weirdos, unusual compositions, and strange funnies.


She is from England. And she spends quite a time to make a perfect shot. Come in and sip some tea.


Because no matter how old are you, you still love animation, comics, and illustrations. Just get inspired here. Or lose a sense of time.


Queen of artistic selfies, minimalist, traveler, feminist. You’ve got to follow her.


This lady definitely is close to nature. And she will share some flower power.  For those, who finally would like to get used to autumn vibes.

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