Pervalka / Come Here to Forget


Pervalka has zero ATMs, no Wi-Fi, 1 food store, 1 bike rental place, 2 fish smoking spots, 3 restaurants, 45 residents, 1 blue sea and a single pine forest to get lost. And to forget.


“This text serves as an abstract guide to forgetness”

Pervalka is the smallest fishermen village in the entire Curonian Spit, established in 1844. It’s a statement to contemporary civilization, which sometimes tries to forget itself. It makes your phone to run out of battery, your work email get lost in translation or your 4pm Friday meeting being cancelled. Pervalka is a cup of coffee on the coast, swimming alone (skinny dipping!!!) in the sea at 8 am, falling asleep on the beach with a book in your hands. And if that’s enough, then you would finally forget city life.


For me, Pervalka always maintains associations with two characters: owner of the grocery store - Daiva, and Zolenas, the fisherman. Daiva has excellent skills as a saleswoman, because even a vegetarian might leave her shop with a half kilo of meat and someone on a diet would definitely get 3 fresh croissants with chocolate filling. Daiva has a super convincing personality. Meanwhile Zolenas lives in a house with a monument to memorize war and travellers in his backyard, with a white dog that never dies and a fish smoking place: if you arrive there after 9:30 am, you will find a decent queue waiting for some freshly smoked bream, perch, mackerel, eel. Besides that, no one remembers that there was a time when Zolenas didn’t work here.


Pervalka for me also means a village missing just the right amount of comfort, what makes you feel slightly messed-up, wearing the same summer shorts for the whole week, walking in the meadow, which was forgotten to be cut and meeting the full moon on the mall, while having your home leggings and slippers on.

Come here to forget.