Journey to Sustainable Everyday

Have you noticed that people often consider traveling or moving as a start for a new beginning? Do you know that most people associate sustainability with eco-friendly life, filled with zero waste decisions, green energy solutions, renewable fashion items, minimalism, vegetarian/vegan lifestyle or trash sorting? Those seem so complicated that we usually delay starting. Instead, we wait for a new journey somewhere (believing it will shift something) or any other change in the air. Today, I will not talk about eco-friendly habits, trends or how traveling/moving can help apply new habits. I want to invite you to bring sustainability to other areas of life - good news, it can be implemented in everyday life. Let’s do this!

9 March, 2019


Exhausting and Unexciting Work

Maybe you do not like the company you work for, maybe you do not believe in the goals or values of your management. Or maybe you feel that you do not actualize yourself - it happens when we work according to our diploma, but not according to our heart and talents. Or could it be that you have a secret dream to own a business, to create something really astonishing and deliver true value and original goodies to the world? Stop hesitating here, do something towards it. An unappreciated job is the waste of your energy and precious time.

HOW? Make a plan of quitting your job (check or make some savings, talk to people, find out what you really like to do) or search for the ways of changing the position, company. Volunteer in the area interests you, look for connections, act!

Toxic Relationships

If you do not feel the support, love, respect, and understanding from your partner, maybe it is time to move on. The lack of recognition, joy, happiness in couple’s (or any other) relationships is a signal, that (both of) you are not growing, changing, getting wiser. Sometimes we keep the relationships because it is so comfortable to live, travel, solve something together. However, is this the right reason to be with someone? Especially if you feel that during the years your values have changed, the relation detains growth and simply makes you sad. Stop it. True relationships enrich, harmonizes and give the energy to create, support, give, care, work and live.

HOW? Make a decision to break up and move on. Or talk through all bothering things with your significant other(s). What is more - visit couple psychotherapist, who will help resolve conflicts and improve relationship satisfaction. Stop procrastinating, this is really really important.

Visual Noise and Chaos

We think according to what we see and where we are. It is that simple: if your office, living room, bedroom are filled with lots of things, items, clothing, which you see daily, so your mind gets disorganized too. We must not only get rid of the things, which do not serve us anymore, but we must also take care of those, who stay.

HOW? Organize all items into the cupboards, drawers, lockers. Avoid cluttering your work desk (unless it’s a creative mess!), ensure that everything has its place. In this way, you will always find anything quickly, your environment will stay orderly bright and energizing. What is more? Clean space benefits clear mind!

Bad Habits

All those things which bring imbalance to our every day: immoderate consumption of alcohol, smoking, binge and/or unhealthy eating, sitting all day long. Moreover, unlimited, harmful consumption of internet, gadgets, TV, even - sleep. Following the daily routines and sticking to good habits, help us to be healthier, more productive, creative, joyful.

HOW? Make a decision to quit or reduce alcohol, smoking, binge eating. Restrain yourself from TV or the internet (at least - in the early morning and late evening hours). Start exercising, meditating, get used to a healthy sleeping routine. Organize your day in a nourishing way!

I wish you a sustainable and happy life, full of beautiful relationships, beloved job, neat and delightful spaces, and harmonious daily routine!