Top 5 Ethical Destinations for Animal Lovers

Following the most amazing dog or cat profile on Instagram? Yes, the cuteness of these will save the world. Also, Instagram is full of not so exciting animal vacation pics. Don't believe when your local guide is pursuing you to visit an elephant sanctuary where you... can ride them. Have you ever wondered how inappropriate is to ride an elephant? Never ever pay to take a photo or touch a wild animal. Here are the top 5 ethical destinations to have your animal obsession satisfied.

9 June, 2019


1. Running in Kenya

If you're into running like half of the world, you should definitely run for animals. It's a safari marathon at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya.

2. Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Uganda holds 60% of the total mountain gorillas left in the world. The price to see the gorillas for just one hour is $650. All money goes to local communities. Also, tourism creates jobs for Uganda people.

3. Penguins in the Falkland Islands

Falkland islands have more penguins than people! And the human population of the islands is less than 4,000 people. It's not very packed and you won't be charged for a photo with the penguin on your shoulder. Easily accessible tours.


4. Shark Diving in Port Lincoln

The town of Port Lincoln on the South Australian coast is the country’s shark diving capital. Adventure Bay Charters is an eco-friendly way to dive with sharks, using music instead of chum to attract sharks to the boat. FYI, it's not ethical to use chum to attract sharks!


5. Spinner Dolphins in the Maldives

You can choose from several operators to go dolphin watching. Just have in mind, that ethical watching is when no baiting is used to attract the dolphins and no one gets in the water. All the observing is done from the boat. (!)

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