Very welcome to our Abstract Stylist planet! 


Abstract Stylist is an online magazine about crossing boundaries of stylish, breaking laws of fashionable and exploring the life outside the bubble. We will do our best to deliver cutting-edge creative talent not only from our own country Lithuania but also from anywhere in the Universe, be it Venus or Mars, Latvia or Japan.

It was always there, we just help you to notice.

We often find ourselves trapped in the duality of the world, struggling with opposing feelings, emotions and choices we make. Departing from this, we want to celebrate our dual natures and invite you to broaden your sensual, visual and cognitive horizons by diving into the topics of Fashion & Kitsch, Travel & Boredom, Culture & Popcorn, Events & Details, Off & Topic. We are willing to talk about things and people that are not considered being popular but whose creative power actually makes darkness illuminate.

We tend to “weight” all our articles and share our inside opinion on how much each of it contains opposing themes, such as Fashion or Kitsch? Also, we want to please your eyes with a continuously changing design that is aimed at reflecting various monthly topics we choose to explore each month.

One day, we will gladly welcome you to our own Ministry of Abstract and Stylish, where you will be able to embrace the new trends before they even cross your mind.

Mission to talk and make a difference by showing you the most extreme and unpopular things can find its audience and be on the spot. Explore small regions and minds living there.

Vision to become a truly inspirational community of Abstract Stylists. Gather information in the most unusual ways to show the other side of popular things. Become healthy trendsetters and ambassadors of opposition to popular.

Values to be open-minded, vision-oriented and creatively–inspired. It’s about quality, content and master of making boring things trendy.

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