My Personal Rhapsody / The Diary of Alen Chicco


My Personal Rhapsody is an intimate voyage to different galaxies representing lives of people who dared to step beyond their personal boundaries. By hearing their stories I do not aim to engage in a formal interview. What I look for is a free exchange between two people without pre-prepared questions. Listening to people’s stories and feeling them inspires me to rewrite their story in a magical, surrealist manner. I believe that each talk or discussion with another person is a two way communication, even if one of the persons chooses to remain silent. The reader is invited to see the story as a totality – energy shared by people exchanging words, motion, touch, breath, heartbeat.

7 February, 2019


illustrations by GODA PELE


A Sunday in January

For once I am sipping Chicco d’Oro at Avangrad, New York, instead of selling it at the supermarket. Feels great. Good start, great start, I am a star! 

Hey pall, bring me another d’Oro, will you?

Oh yes, here is my signature, darling. No worries, I don’t take money from artists. Take as many as you want. Let me just brush my eyebrows. Who wants to look like a bore these days.. What? A kiss? Well, why not, I live once, how about you..?

Thanks for asking. I actually love it. Can I wear it for my next concert? Look at the colors, fantastic, I’ll be a queen!

What do you mean by “the world is too small for me”?


A Wednesday in January

Gets a phone call: 

I will put those tree branches on my head today, what about you?

No? You think it’s not your color? Oh well, I like pink actually. How about we meet up to fix that costume of mine instead? I got this jacket from a bum the other day, I think you’re gonna love it. I’m planning to win this time and it is not possible without your creative fingers, love, so bring your pretty butt to my studio. 

Yes, of course I’ll keep the tree branches in my head until you come, darling, do you think I am crazy?! 


A Monday in January

Sipping red wine at 5 a.m. in the morning Chicco wrote a letter to Lady Gaga:

Darling, I think I am the new Gaga here. Come see me.

Bacio, Chicco


A Thursday in January

It looks like the Stone Age. It’s time for this place to get some drag. When should we plan the festival?

Nooo, I prefer warm, sunny days, just like the last time in Tel Aviv. Sun, sand, sea, sex.. All great things start with an ‘s’


A Tuesday in January

Yes, exactly, today we put extra make up, high heels, some glitter here and there and off we go to rocknroll the hell out of this party. As long as we are true to ourselves, my comrades, as long as we are true to ourselves..


A Saturday in January 

-    Saturdays are Osho days. 

-    Maybe you should change your name to Alen Osho?

-    You are too radical, and I have formed my personality already, do you understand what I mean?

-    OM?

-    Yes, OM, let me just first have that last puff of my ciggy


A Friday in January

Talking to himself:

Ok, ok, ok. Don’t panic Chicco, it’s just another performance. The Gaga is here, your Cool Kidz are here.

Make up? Si

Tree branches? Yes

Heels? Yes

Perfect smile? Si, señorita! 

Glam? Yes!

Voice? My voice? Yes, sexy, merci.

Level of extravaganza? Pretty damn high

-    My eye lenses? Where are my eye lenses???!

-    Hey I found a lens, Chicco! Almost flushed it into the toilet..

-    Stop powdering your nose, babe, at least not before the concert..


A Sunday in January

I am sipping Chicco d’Oro at Avangrad, New York, instead of selling it at the supermarket. Feels great. Good start, great start, I am a star!

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