Elektrostirnos / Back to Back duo

Music is probably the oldest form of communication. Through generations, music was not only the bonding topic but also a revolution starter. Songs were written and dedicated to those who we love or hate. With songs, we celebrate the birth and lead to our last journey. Today I am telling you about duo Elektrostirnos. They are nothing I have seen before. Two girls Greta and Ruta play like true underground wolves. They do not have a Facebook page nor a contact card. If you’re lucky enough, you will hear them playing in the most niche parties all around Lithuania.


So, I met them in a cozy small cafe for a chat about what Abstract Stylist is. I presented them my idea and suggested they could play during the opening. With no questions asked, they said yes. I was so proud to be able to show those two amazing girls to the people I know. As the talk evolved, we decided to present you a small mixtape made by Elektrostirnos. It’s not a high school mixtape, but rather a small recommendation about music played by people from small regions. Have a look what girls suggest and put the volume up!

Greta’s playlist:

Andi Otto / Hamburg, Germany

Andi Otto is a composer and performer of electronic music. On stage, he plays a unique sensor-extended cello bow which he has developed in collaboration with STEIM in Amsterdam. This instrumental system which he calls Fellow allows for gestural performance of the electronically processed sounds of the amplified cello. So it is just simply amazing how he creates sounds.

2. Yør Kultura / Rotterdam, Netherlands

Yør Kultura is a project of Danny Odenkirchen, Raymon den Hartogh, and Kris van Aalst. The last few years, while traveling the world, they got inspired by the diversity of music the world has to offer. With their music, they want to take people on a journey without a passport. Melting cultures, melting people.

3. Autarkic / Tel Aviv, Israel

I (Greta) am just simply in love with Tel Aviv music culture. One of my favorite artists is Nadav Spiegel aka Autarkic. With his energetic and mesmerizing live show that combines pumping machine music with live singing, Autarkic managed to create addictive melodies and catchy lyrics.

Rutas’s playlist

1. Peter Power / Ireland

Peter Power’s music is described as multidimensional and atmospheric. My chosen song “Jungle Voodoo” is from his album called “Jungles of Ufordia”, that could bring to the deep jungle, surrounded by own fears and joys by diverse sounds that comes throughout the song. This particular album is a mix between nature and electronic, inspired by Brazil.

2. Mariah / Japan

I chose this song because of peculiar Japan folk sounds and for its pathway to these days. Mariah belonged to Japanese underground rock culture, yet his song revealed itself during these years. “Shinzo no tabira” was originally released on the Better Days label in 1983 and re-released after more than 30 years, showing that old tracks can be dug out by record nerds and successfully re-used.

3. Gaslamp Killer / Born in San Diego, CA

Born in San Diego, CA, Gaslamp Killer is a mix of cultures. He is Jewish Turkish, Lebanese, Mexican and Lithuanian ancestries. When listening to this track, no particular culture pops into the head. Nissim was released with the first Gaslamp Killer’s studio album called “Breakthrough”. It was meant to put world music into various tracks with the help of other musicians.

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