Dirty Playlist

Something quite unexpected has happened with this playlist of the month. Every time when I would have said “dirt” my mind was haunted by different Lithuanian singers and their music videos. One by one they were flashing through my head. Starting with spaced Junior a and his Dirty and Painful Love, Garbanotas that is trying to get rid of those Sad Eyes or Solo Ansamblis and their Woman. And you know what they say: just go with your first instinct. So I did. Some extremely aesthetic Lithuanian dirt for you to watch and listen to, of course. 

18 April, 2019


1. Junior a - Space

2. BA – Sugebėt pasikeist

3. Solo Ansamblis – Moteris

4. Garbanotas – Liūdnos akys

5. Fingalick – Katy’s theme