When Juliet meets Spiderman / Or the First Date Outfit Simulator

While everyone is counting the last days till summer, let’s give some more credit for spring – the most beautiful and “cruel” time of the year. Why so? Because when everything is blooming and it’s so tempting to spend more time outdoors, you have to sit and do work inside. And, of course, you are about to give a call to the so-called “karma police” because your apartment starts freezing the very next minute central heating has been turned off. Not to talk about how nice it is to take a long romantic stroll with your l’amour, yet it becomes more like a nightmare if you are a lonely soul this spring. But we are here to assist you!



20 May, 2019


Before finally finding your-real-true-love, the first-date “process” is inevitable, as well as wondering what to wear for the first perfect impression. But relax – it is not only you suffering from such a struggle – everyone does, even the most iconic and beloved fictional characters from our favourite stories. Never thought about that, did you? How selfish… But let’s pretend if there was a dating app for such a thing, what dream couples would wear on their first date today and where it would take place? I can only imagine!

The unbearable lightness of being 

Starring Donnie & Elliot 

(Donnie Darko, 2001 movie and Mr. Robot, 2015- TV series)

Who? As said before, spring can seem as quite a cruel time of the year, so the first dream couple popping in mind could also be a little dark and plot-twisty. There would be hard to find another two more matching characters than Donnie and Elliot. Both always wrapped in jeans and hoodies, both genius in their own ways, a “bit” paranoid and living in their personal mind-fucked worlds. Hopefully, not repeating the Brokeback Mountain all over again, these two guys define a storm and calmness after it.

What? Donnie lives on the edge of the nineties beginning, thus 90’s trends are in his nature as much as it is this year on the catwalks – it’s everywhere! As he seems to be gentle and dreamy, the perfect fit would be light-washed jeans, converse sneakers and an oversized white&black colour blocked pullover with a denim jacket over it and a lavender belly bag on the side.

Elliot comes from an alternative world line of our times and is known as an IT guy (more like a cool hacker than a support serviceman), thus he goes well in clean-cut lines. Plaid pants and double-breasted jacket with rolled-up sleeves suit in dusty orange colour, eye-killing bright white T-shirt and Vans sneakers.

Where? Escape room! Because they are used to going through mind labyrinths so this one would be easy to crack. Also, a little team play challenge goes well with a showing off how smart you are and the best part of it is that escaping always brings a pleasant feeling.


Shake it up! 

Starring Charlotte & Mia

(Lost in Translation, 2003 movie and Pulp Fiction, 1994 movie)

Who? Many people find being different as an attractive thing because then one half comes with a purpose to complement the other half. And that might be true when having this kind of “match” in mind – romantic and gentle girl Charlotte together with a completely opposite kind of woman Mia. The first one is a definition of a fragile and sensible soul while the other one is someone who defines freedom and rebelliousness. By the way, they have one thing in common – it’s some sort of a mysterious way of being awake all the time.


What? Charlotte standing for a romantic side of this couple would slay wearing a mid-length dress with balloon shoulder sleeves, all made out of tulle sheer colourful fabrics that look like fluffy and posh clouds. Hair tied up with a bow, wearing pointy nose flats and carrying a tiny bag on her shoulder.

Mia – the wild side of the couple with that resting bitch face and a cigarette between her two fingers would definitely rock all-black-Goth-look (apparently, it keeps staying trendy!) with a little leather dress, fishnets and square-toe sandals. Shoulders could be certainly covered with a fringe swaying cowgirl leather jacket.

Where? Best place ever – a milkshake bar. Because it’s cute, delicious and it’s a dessert, so even the grumpiest girl would love it. Also, they both have a “thing” for food, so after starting with vanilla and strawberry milkshakes they would definitely end up winning in a dance competition and singing karaoke at 3 a.m. in the morning. Pairing those two together means quite a blast!

The Multiverse

Starring Peter & Hermione

(Spiderman, 1962- comics and Harry Potter, 1997-2007 books)

Who? We all grow up having our own heroes from various cartoon and fairytale books. But how many times have you wished to live in the Marvel universe or reveal that you are actually a wizard? I bet too many. Wouldn’t it be nice, if the worlds you are fascinated with would merge and their characters could meet each other? I am sure that Peter and Hermione would have at least one date for sure. Why? They are both nerds, also they are charming and colourful personalities. And what is more, rumours have been spread that they both have their secrets…

What? Hermione has elegant and chic qualities, thus, her outfit would be classic and playful at the same time. For the first date, she could wear a loose-baby-blue-with-tiny-white-polka-dots-summer-dress tied up over the waist. I also imagine Hermione wearing a transparent raincoat with some neon corner seams and standing in her metallic ankle boots.

Peter could wear Bermuda shorts in dark nude tone and a shirt with a graphic pop culture print on it. The combo could be finished with a pair of brown suede shoes that are so popular and matching well everywhere too and a sage coloured sweater tied up on his shoulders. Looks simple and it is something what Spiderman wants all the time – being a friendly and mysterious hero in the neighbourhood while also keeping his profile low. 

Where? Teenagers love places with a lot of lights and colours, so planetarium it is! For two people who are smart and like learning more, it should be quite exciting to explore another universes, dimensions and timelines, not to talk about trying out their superpowers!