Unexpected Details from Contrary Style Subcultures


Once said a well-known English producer, artist, designer Malcolm McLaren, and he was right, especially when talking about one's style!


Recently, I carried out a little research on the street style fashion from East London to the streets of New York, Paris, and Tokyo. Of course, all the visual information needed I managed to find in various street style photography books, such as Scott Schuman "The Sartorialist," Shoichi Aoki "Fruits," Anthony Webb "East End Fashionistas."

The diverse mixture of various cultures and unexpected style interpretations inspire me a lot. However, the main point I was searching for was closely related to the ongoing monthly topic of Abstract Stylist - DIVORCE. The latter implied to me the search of extremely different styles and looks, which might look somewhat "tasteless" but eye-catching when merged. 

The collages I put below are examples of people from all over the world who have an unerring eye for perfectly mixing and matching different styles in their appearance — some with anarchic avant-garde spirit, the others - with more of classic style implications.

Hip Hop + Classy

For the "tasty" looks I've chosen the mix and match of Hip Hop and Classy Style. Classy style is very common and usual to any eye. It usually goes quite well with plain color blocks, neat silhouettes. It is hard to stand out while wearing such attire on the street catwalk unless upgraded with some fascinating details. Believe it or not, the hip hop style attributes fits here perfectly. Imagine yourself wearing full black or white outfit, such as long, close-fitting silhouette dress or well-made coat and voila! : a snapback cap highlights your look! Black, green, red, shiny, golden it doesn't matter as long as it gives right flavoring to your personality. Another example, classic cut jacket, and low crotch trousers. It could be denim. It could be knitwear, since it does not matter so much as long as it makes a perfect combo with your jacket and high-heels. 


Accessories Unexpected

Other noteworthy subjects are unexpected outfit accessories, which look fantastic! I've put some in the collage below. For instance, the real eye-catcher for me is this girl on the left wearing a white fur coat with a belly dancers cap originating from the times of "The Great Gatsby" movie scenes. Next, splendid style accent idea - colored eyebrows! I know it is not such a fresh idea in trends scene, but I can't wait to try it for an entirely black outfit personally. Toxic green, yellow, or blue eyebrows look amazing! I'd probably match them with sneakers too.

Last but not least - statement footwear. We are used to traditional, minimal, or flowered hippie style dresses along with some sporty shoes. However, on the right side of the college, I suggest going more massive by choosing ginormous gothic style platforms. It looks superb with a casual or smart-casual outfit.


Matrix Hooligan versus Mad Cowboy

Last style collage might raise some doubts between tasty and tasteless. In different books, I've found two controversial but kind of similar pictures at the same time. One with the men on the left wearing a matrix-like leather coat, combined with a flat leather cap and black sporty sunglasses. The other, with the men on the right side wearing similar glasses, wife-beater called shirt and a traditional western cowboy pants and chaps. These both styles and mixtures looks weird but also very powerful. It gives a sense of strength.

Moreover, the details of the outfit I've put into the collage could provide similar power and strength to the whole personal image too. The flat cap or black sunglasses give a punk, skinhead or hip hop subculture feeling, artistic but fierce. I also suggest to try a pair of well made, exclusive cowboy shoes, a little more subtle, but with the same emotional value.


Lina BernotaityteComment