Fashionable To-Do List for Non-Holiday Losers

Have you already decided to abandon your “home” of social media because your feed is over-flooded with loads of annoyingly-happy-holiday-pictures that sadly are not the ones of you? And like this would not be enough the air-conditioner in your office is the most of the summer breeze you can get while your gang is hanging out somewhere in the forests/ beaches/ mountains etc. Whatever reason it is to stay on the dark side of the moon, we don’t judge you - anti-holiders (= losers!) and believe that everyone deserves an alternative way to relax during this ongoing heatwave! So, here comes a few suggestions on how to be adventurous and get recharged at home in style instead of flying out to an exotic island this summer.


illustration by AUSTE PARULYTE


Cinematic drama of style

Get your popcorn and a glass (or let it be a bottle) of chilled wine ready because you will sink in your sofa while watching a few unforgettable movies directed by designer Tom Ford. None of them ain’t going to be an easy comedy to watch while texting to yourself (because all friends are sunbathing somewhere in Ibiza…) – it’s much better. Their storylines, plot tension and pleasing visual design of aesthetics are pulsing through every frame of A Single Man (2009) and Nocturnal Animals (2016) magic. Perfectly casted actors, sets and narratives are as hot as the wave of midsummer heat to enjoy.

Fashionable summer readings

When talking about fashion on paper - it’s plenty to choose from based on different themes and forms: find a biography of your favourite fashion designer or a guide of how to master your beloved style, not forgetting about fashion history facts and interesting points, which not only entertain but educate, too. My personal suggestion would be Terry Newman’s Legendary Authors/ Artists and the Clothes They Wore – 2 books written in a catchy style and interesting take of various people of literature and art. Author – an editor, lecturer and writer – analyses their outfits and creations and what influence they have on us today. First book, written in 2017, covers 50 different profiles of writers from James Joyce to Oscar Wilde’s attires accompanied with stunning photographs and illustrations, while the second book, published in 2019, does the same with more than 40 most known art creators – this must be exciting to read, isn’t it?

Chill-wave in your ears

And last but not the least interesting way of entertaining yourself during your non-holiday period - through your ears. There’re so many wonderful podcasts suiting everyone’s taste that it’s quite easy to get lost. If you haven’t tried this yet or don’t know where to start in this ocean of spoken word on the Internet, try The Business of Fashion podcast (start listening here). It’s really nice in not too tiring half an hour length episodes and a variety of topics, covering discussions about fashion impact on the world in every possible way and speaking with the best-known fashion names – it goes perfectly with your favourite ice-cream and a bubble bath after work.