SachaJuan / Interview with Swedish Philosophers of Hair

Since more and more darkness and cold have been visiting us lately, now we have a perfect opportunity to spend some more time with ourselves by treating our body and soul. And here comes some great help – let us meet SachaJuan, a Swedish haircare brand, which pleasantly surprises with its simplicity and quality straight from Stockholm. SachaJuan was founded from a need to make hairstyling easier and understandable for all of us. Sacha and Juan launched their first products in 2004 and now they are already quite widely known. Let‘s find more about their philosophy of hair! 



How did you come up with the idea to create hair products? 

It became a natural development for us since we had been working with various hair products on a daily basis for many years. When working as hairdressers we wanted to have tools that could manipulate hair the way we require and that match our philosophy about simplifying haircare.



Each brand has a certain philosophy, what is yours?

Thus, I think that SachaJuan is one of those hair brands, which does not complicate life with tons of decisions.

We appreciate high quality and aiming to simplify the knowledge and usage of hair products. We have always worked with a classic expression, high performance and easy communication.

Nowadays a huge variety of hair products could be a little bit confusing. Your hairdresser suggests to try out an incredible new hair mask, your best friend proposes checking out a new hair primer, which she just has found and you suddenly spot the new shampoo with some fancy and cool adding. The question arises then, do you really need this much? How about sustainability and simplicity, which shout all around? Thus, we aim SachaJuan to be one of those hair brands, which would not complicate life with tons of decisions. Moreover, SachaJuan has also an interesting opinion about being genderless and taking into account the quantity of hair products being used by us.


Comparing to the start, now you have quite a wide variety of hair products. What does influence you to innovate and change? Do you limit the number of products your brand develops? Are you planning to expand SachaJuan’s product line? 

We always strive to develop and to create new products, but there always has to be a need for them. So, each product that we release has to match the demand for us as stylists working with hair. We don't have a set limit, but obviously, if you strive for simplifying haircare, a certain number of products needs to be created. 


Most brands separate the lines of women and men hair products, while I noticed that your brand does not make a division between men and women products. Do You think that the distinction between women and men hair products is just a marketing trick?

Yes, we see hair products as being genderless, since we all have hair and it has nothing to do with gender. It would be like using different washing powder for men/women’s clothes.

Yes, we see hair products as being genderless, since we all have hair and it has nothing to do with gender. It would be like using different washing powder for men/women's clothes. Of course, products can have a more male or female scent but it has nothing to do with the formula or the performance; and we think that our scent and formula match both women and men!

In addition to sustainable thinking and Scandinavian simplicity, SachaJuan includes one more interesting element in their production called “Ocean Silk Technology”. This technology combines materials, such as Rhodophyta and Chondrus Crispus, which encourage hair to become more elastic, shiny and better looking.



Now SachaJuan hairline is sold in around 30 countries. Did you expect that these hair products will become so popular? Why have you decided to bring SachaJuan hair products to Lithuania?

We are very happy to reach out and get the attention in so many different markets. By being able to penetrate into some of the key markets in the world, it has been giving us the opportunity to be exposed to quite unexpected markets as well. Lithuania is very close to Sweden geographically, also we think that we have a lot in common. We see Lithuania as part of the Scandinavian/ Baltic market, which has a big growth potential.