On my kind of androgynous style. Or was Annie into a relationship with a TOMboy?


Androgynous style is something I am extremely fond of. So fond of that my mother started telling me that this might be the reason why I am still not married. Funny or not, some correlations might exist. And even though exploring the rationale behind these correlations is not something this story is aiming at, I feel an obligation to myself in defining (if possible) my way of androgyny (if at all) with all its deviations and mainstreams.




I wear skirts and dresses on skinny jeans, as well as loose, geometric clothing. I rely heavily on black, white and shades of grey, I am a big fan of layering and heels almost never fit into my comfort zone! But. I do wear a lipstick and occasional splash of colours amps up my look. I also combine Scandinavian aesthetics inspired minimal with maxi elements of boho chic. So. Does it still mean that I adopt androgynous style? Or maybe rely on a tomboy look? Let’s investigate.


I know this might look confusing enough but a great point of departure and a sartorial inspiration for me is Annie Hall. Yes, the same Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. She reached a monumental status in the history of both cinema and fashion alike, setting in motion a global trend for the ‘Annie Hall look’, which translated into fashion language sounds/looks something like a tomboy look.


From boyish brogues to tweed waistcoats and from trouser suits to patterned ties – wearing these pieces would certainly allow one to emulate Anne’s style. Even the wardrobes of Kate Moss and Alex Chung are clearly under the influence of the emblematic Annie Hall look that is essentially about the menswear-inspired twist for women.

But Annie was not making an effortless homeless twist. She was more like a gentlewoman instead, who had not heard anything about grunge vibes YET, nor was relying a lot on distressed denim or over-sized apparel. So, her relationship with TOMboy was rather bourgeois.




Was she androgynous though? If we think (like many gender-neutral lines SADLY do) that androgyny can be equated to masculinity, then yes. BUT. I strongly support those who perceive androgynous style as avoiding gender stereotypes in your outfit. For me, androgyny implies the balance of the feminine and masculine or an absence of either. Therefore, judging from her movie look, Annie was not completely gender neutral, as she heavily relied on a menswear-inspired twist for women. Although, one might argue…

So, now I finally approached the culmination! If androgyny stems from pushing boundaries and breaking gender-related binary when it should include more traditional feminine clothing in gender-neutral lines, I think. The latter can also be in various colours, fabrics, shapes and designs.


Personally, I see androgyny differently every day. I never really think of how much femininity or masculinity my outfit has, but very often it embodies both. My kind of androgyny is not about architectural design suit trousers versus colourful pleated dresses. For me, this is about a dress being worn on the top of the trousers. A lipstick and cowboy boots can follow along. Or anything what reflects my mood that very moment.