On Correlations Between Fashion and Security


I am an observer. And by observing people passing by the horizons of my eyesight, I always notice what they wear and how they look. Sometimes (this, of course, very much depends on where I am under this blue sky), I get truly inspired and amazed by what I see. This happens when I notice people´s conceptual approach to styling their own outfits and paving undiscovered ways to their visual self-expression.



“Abstract is then transparency has the colour, chaos has the shape, emptiness has the substance and where differences match.”

I see being fashionable as an imagined order. And if we want to comply with this order, we are being placed in a room with the rest of the fashionistas gang. The room is equipped with mirrors, photo cameras, stylists and closets filled with trendy garments. It is decorated with #instainspo photos and Dazed and Confused covers. Of course, this is nothing tragic at all about staying in a room, which also corresponds with the borderlines of your comfort zone! I can easily admit that from time to time I get to visit this room, in order to calm down after running through the storms of my bourgeois homeless show. That room is very secure and as long as you are there, you can call yourself fashionable or at least seeking to be one. And why one shall risk leaving it?


Being outside the room causes huge headache and makes you a constantly exploring traveller, who can count only on his senses and imagination. This might sound scary, but I would say it is rather challenging and one must give it a try. I do believe that only when travelling you make discoveries! And I can assure you that you will meet many inspirational creatures (Abstract Stylists, magicians and astronauts amongst others) on the way! Great stylists, influencers and fashion bloggers as well. But you have to be cautious here. Some of them are simply mimics. Yes, they are just mimicking what they have learnt and seen in the room instead of encouraging you to find your own individual look.

From my super personal and super subjective perspective, you can barely inspire or influence if you don’t dare to dictate your own branded approach to fashion. Me, myself and I want to get inspired by those who surprise us with their unique conceptual solutions developed by themselves, not taken over from the others. But, as said, I am being subjective here and I do not want to impose my way of thinking. I simply want to encourage and inspire. Blablabla.


So, being your own stylist usually does not imply security. You need to step out of your comfortable room / bubble, or call it as you want. Nevertheless, you must be conscious, responsible and sustainable. Those are extremely important (!!!) security concerns fashion does entail. Aspects of “appropriateness” and “not all designs, models, colours, sizes etc. fitting all” also need to be taken into account.


Let me wrap up. Diversity is great and we still have to learn how to celebrate that. Instead of cheering a group of swans wearing the same looking t-shirts with white feathers, we have to applaud the one who dares to walk along in black feathers jumpsuit, while also being not as graceful and well-shaped as the rest of the gang.

I want to see fashion more as a piece of art, not as a commercialized subject (usually getting to the room costs A LOT). Like in any other piece of art you need to learn some techniques, train you senses as well as be open to all the creative minds and inspiration. But. Afterwards you are left in an empty field of creativity where you can only count on your senses and imagination. So brace it – no security exists there.