Interpreting Killer Outfit

It might sound rather cynical if not Sci-Fi to talk about the perfect divorce outfit…in August. But after so often being exposed to all those festive-first-date-wedding-dress images let us fantasise a bit of how the end of any romantic relationship/ affair could reflect through one’s outfits.


illustrations by GODA PELE

The most obvious and logical example – a killer outfit. Literally. Because the conceptual background of the killer outfit might be confusing. There are so many articles and discussions on the absolute essentials you need to begin developing a killer wardrobe. And this is so much related to the rise of minimalism - slimming down the number of pieces of clothing you own. Our Abstract Stylist has even dedicated its last Fashion & Kitsch article to the most sustainable, creative and least “painful” ways of divorcing your wardrobe's gangsters.

But as you probably have already noticed, this short illustrative story has a different idea behind the killer outfit. DIVORCE its name it is.


For someone who is writing a poem, singing serenades or dancing the last tango in Paris with his/ her future ex to make divorce as a day to remember, or as an act of art.



For someone who has spent nnn-years in a relationship and now on the last day is willing to make a statement and prove that the real power rests in one’s muscles. And one’s courage.



For someone seeing divorce as an opportunity to kill toxic ties and painful memories by drinking champagne and then waking up the next morning with an empty heart and head. Pure magic.

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