Instagram Fashion Trends in 2019

We all have some craziness in our heads, hearts and closets. It is just either deeply hidden or widely expressed. Fashion here comes as a perfect tool to measure our boundaries and levels of accepting some avant-garde. And that is how we little by little are exposed to the new adventures of fashion (and kitsch!). You don’t believe me? Scroll further.


Asymmetric jeans

Do you remember the wide-leg-jeans and how we step by step went to slim and skinny and then super skinny ones? If you still feel nostalgic but at the same time love wearing slim jeans, Ukrainian designer Ksenia Schnaider has a great offer for you - asymmetric jeans. When I first saw them, I thought ‘wow, interesting but how to wear them’? So go and check some latest photos of Celine Dion - she has an answer for you. Moreover, Ksenia Schnaider, the queen of jeans, is coming up with some visual ideas as well.

One legged jeans

What can be more adventurous than asymmetric jeans? The answer is - one-legged-jeans! While a pair of asymmetric jeans is about the past vs. present, then these ones will surely make you think about the effect of cold vs. warmth. Not sure how to wear one-legged-jeans either but there is definitely plenty of room for improvisation and expressing your adventurous soul!

Silicone boots

Had no time to do your pedicure? Or maybe it's just some kind of crazy socks day? Don't worry, quite recently the fashion industry launched a great ‘invention’. Check out these silicone boots - for looking fancy and feeling comfy at the same time. I don't know how about you but I would definitely like trying these ones out!

Tights with dripping paint

Everyone is trying to stand out from the crowd and small details are here of great assistance. Check these coloured tights with dripping paint out! I bet that you would get to enjoy some REAL attention from the crowd while wearing them.

Plastic jeans

We have been in fashion & kitsch kind of relationship with plastic clothes and accessories for quite some time already. First with raincoats, then bags, skirts and now check it out - plastic jeans!!! Or should I say plastic pants? This is another fashion statement you can make in 2019, just count on your adventurous spirit and I-do-not-give-a-sh**-kind-of-approach!

Platform Crocs

And last but not least - platform Crocs. Some people hate them for their appearance while some love them for their ease and comfort. Well, you might thrive with them on the disco floor but not sure about your law office. It's your choice, make it wise.