Fashion Investments / Monetary Return?


What kind of animal pops up in your head when you hear the phrase of “fashion investment piece”? In my imagination it rises as an item, which is rather timeless and classy, easy matchable with other pieces from my wardrobe, as well as exclusive and, of course, most probably costs a fortune... However, this time let's talk about fashion items, which actually could make some money return to your pocket, or fill your bathtub with champagne!


Hermès Birkin Bag

How many times have you been looking to the pages of any fashion magazine and dreaming about the immortal Hermès Birkin bag? I bet hundreds of times and it is not without a reason. According to the Baghunter research, Hermès Birkin bag return, compared to gold, which is one of the most stable investments nowadays, was always positive and even has increased since 1980. The increased value of this fashion item came from its exclusivity and the long waiting list to purchase it. The high desire of these bags led to online second market auctions, where fashion addicts could probably make one of the best investment in their life by selling this bag for a substantially higher amount than they actually paid. 

Supreme-Louis Vuitton collaboration items


Before each launch of a collaborative Supreme and Louis Vuitton collection, people are flooding their stories and waiting in long queues to get extremely desirable fruits of the collaboration between two conceptually different but super-duper-mega-hip fashion brands. Interestingly, according to Financial Times, most of these youngsters are resellers, who sell highly wanted Supreme-Louis Vuitton items in online auctions in from 3 to 5 times higher price than the actual retail price. Thus, it would be quite a good idea to start tracking the dates of a new collection now! Just be ready to face loooooong lines in order to get T-shirts, jerseys, bags or other Supreme-Louis Vuitton marked goods. 

Chanel Bags

Either it would be the 2.55, the Quilted Classic or the Boy Bag, it does not really matter. Each of them is classy and exclusive. The average value of 2.55 and Quilted Classic has increased positively during the 5-6 years period. However, it is quite a hard mission to find a good quality 2.55 or Quilted Bag for an affordable price in an online auction. Despite that, the Boy Bag could be an option for any fashionista, who seeks smart investment. The only release of the bag was in 2012 and if you manage to purchase a Boy Bag version from limited edition collection, it could become even a better long-term investment than the other two bags.

Gosha Rubchinskiy collections

Everyone wants to collaborate with Gosha and many fashionistas tend to get quite crazy about his promoted post-Soviet clothes style. Few years in a row this fashion designer is on the top and it seems that being just a beginning. Fashion pieces, such as Gosha Rubchinskiy flag t-shirts, hoodies, jackets or other clothes with his logo from previous collections are hardly found today and could be highly valuable in the future, while the supply decreases. Moreover, flannel shirts from his fall 2016/2017 collection look like a desirable fashion piece now and in the future could become even more valuable.


Magdalena Butrym collections

Magdalena is another fashion designer whose collections draw the attention of many those willing to play a role in the theatre of fashion. Or kitsch. As today it is still relatively easy to buy clothes from her collection, presumably, in the future it may get rather difficult, if not nearly impossible, to find her items and that will lead to second market auctions. This fashion designer has a growing base of interest from top influencers like Kim Kardashian, thus, the increase in the Butrym‘s popularity is expected.


P.S. Lastly, few words need to be said about designers and their items from the Central and Eastern European region, which currently is getting more and more attention in terms with fashion investment. Yes, the investment in local fashion designers’ pieces could be unpredictable, but there are some names, which are getting BIG and quite promising. So, who knows, maybe they are the future.