Divorcing Your Old Fashion Gang

There is time for everything to leave or change in order to stay up-to-date or simply because of the Earth spinning around the sun. Quite a similar logic can be applied when thinking about the lifecycle of our garments. Being environmentally responsible and conscious requires divorcing your old fashion gang from time to time. And although this is not always an easy mission (been there, done that…) to give up on your most-favourite-grandma-knitted-sweater, knowing that your divorce will lead to a good deed or allow you even to earn some money (and karma points for sure!) can make its process less painful.
So, here comes a few sustainable options for an easy divorce!


illustrations by AUSTE PARULYTE

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Give it to your friend

Let us admit that quite often because of “crazy” discounts, great mood or simply an irresistible desire to reward ourselves for being such hard-workers, we come back home with a piece of clothing that we end up wearing only once in half a year. If you happen to be sitting in the same boat, take this as a sign to look around and scout for a friend who would be eager to refresh his/ her wardrobe. This will definitely be a win-win deal!

Sell it online

If you cannot find anyone around to take over your gem, there is always an option to sell it online. This will allow you to earn some extra money and making someone very happy! There are plenty of various online marketplace platforms to do that, starting from a well-known Vinted to Etsy store if you are keen on selling your vintage items.

Organise a pop-up

What else, what else? Talk to your friends, maybe you are not alone in trying to find a new home for some of your fashion gangsters. If so, then join your efforts and organise a pop-up! With some help of social media and after praying to the goddess of sunny days, you can maybe even throw a pop-up party in your courtyard or the park? If some “extra flavour” of mimosas added, loads of fun and extra cash are guaranteed for sure. And don’t forget to invite me as well, okay?

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It is always nice and rewarding to do something for a good cause. Thus, why don’t you donate some pieces of clothing from your closet to the ones who really need them? Who knows, maybe some boy or girl will be the coolest kid in town with your pair of jeans or vintage floral dress!

Use scissors, needles and threads - upcycle

And now it’s time to release your creativity. One of my personally most favourite ways to revive old garments is by using scissors, needle and threads. You can remake your dress into a new t-shirt, jeans into shorts etc. Long sleeves can become short ones and wide-shaped clothes can become slim-shaped ones. It is all about the magic of transformations! And believe me - sewing skills are not always the key. Imagination is!

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Quite a few choices, huh? But do not hesitate to share with us your own ways of embracing an easy divorce with your wardrobe’s inhabitants.

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