NOT an April Fools' Day Test / How Dirty Are You?

April is usually associated with an annual spring cleaning to get rid of all smut in your home, heart and wardrobe. But there is some kind of dirt (in Abstract Stylist kind of vocabulary also called as kitsch) that could not be just thrown away to the trash bin – it‘s the inner dirt inside you. We all possess some personal qualities that might be seen as naughty or filthy ones, unless you are literally covered in mud. We made this test for your reality check, so dig in!

1 April, 2019 (Do not get in dirt of April Fools’ Day, this is not a prank!)



1.     Trash panda

Have you noticed that people offer you extra strong mints all the time when you start talking to them? Or maybe it happens that from time to time you find 3 weeks ripe banana in your backpack? If you have to think before answering when the last time was you took a shower - you are Nasty type of dirty.

2.     That’s what she said!

You like looking sexy but there is nothing better than being naked? You can see through people clothes and you are that one friend that always has a dirty joke in every situation? Some might call you Naughty, but it’s not that hard to cross the creep line. 

3.     Filthy job enthusiast

If someone is giving free ice cream one portion per person, you are that kind of person who takes an extra one for your “friend” or if you are going on a bus you use the same ticket for 6 months already? Maybe you like living in the danger zone, but make sure then that you will always find your way how to get away from every situation, you Filthy one.

4.     The Pure one

The only dirt you know is soil and your soul is like a bar of soap because you are the Pure one. Despite the fact that your water bill sometimes stops your heart, you believe that dirty body and mind are priceless. But so are your friends and family who you are freaking out all the time with your obsession with cleanness.