A Paradise of Comfiness / Or Let’s Bring to our Outfits More Hygge!

Winter is here and the weather is not indulging us so much these days. Despite all those beautiful festive lights and an occasional splash of shiny frost, we still have a lot of darkness and dirt outside, which somehow make us more sleepy and gloomy. 

But hey, let's be more optimistic, winter gives us a perfect opportunity to feel what the real cosiness is about! Let’s put on a fluffy thick sweater, light up some fragrant candles and enjoy a warm cup of mint tea while sitting near the flames of a fireplace and listening to the strong winds whispering outside. Winter is indeed a great time to bring some hygge to our homes and wardrobes.



For those who are not really familiar with the concept of hygge, I would like to firstly shed more light on this fascinating concept. The origins of hygge can be traced in the Norwegian and Danish lifestyle and it became especially popular in the late 20th century as the Danish art of life. Some people even claim that the reason why Denmark is one of the happiest nations in the World is hygge, which represents comfort, cosiness, as well as the feeling of contentment and well-being. The concept sounds lovely and is appealing enough as well. But how we could achieve this great feeling ourselves?

Cinnamon, spice & all things cosy

It should be noted that fans of hygge first make sure their environment (mostly home, but also an office, etc.) being pleasant and spreading only good vibes. For example, a great point of departure could be trying to enjoy a calmness of the flaming candle, which also is spreading some amazing scents, such as the one of forest, berry, sea or even the scent of tranquility. 

Well, I would also start with some cotton, freshly baked cinnamon rolls or scents of apple crisps. In addition, make sure that fluffy pillows are all around the place. Some warm and soft blankets could also contribute to making your home atmosphere cosier. Wow, it sounds like a place I would definitely want to come back after work and enjoy with a bunch of my friends or with my dearest one. Sadly, not every evening can be like this and we still need to go outside and embrace the cold and dreary winter. For this, some hyggelig (an adjective to hygge) clothing would be indeed a handy choice!

Sara Lund sweater

I guess that we all are used to wearing warm sweaters during the cold period of the year. How to make them more hygge alike? Don’t look to the fancy ones! You don’t even need to go buying a new one! It is more about some pleasant associations your old casual sweater causes you. So, carry out an investigation in your closet – like the famous detective Sara Lund from the Danish TV series the Killing would do! Yes, this is a small deviation in the text, but that thick patterned sweater that Sara was literally wearing all the time seems to be an important factor why the Killing became so popular worldwide. And it definitely incentivised people to add some hyggelig attributes to their looks as well. 

Given this context, make sure that your jumper/ cardigan/ sweater is warm, thick and comfy. I would even suggest having a turtleneck sweater, which will help you to keep the right amount of warmth (yes, like that one from the cover photo!).

Details and accessories of comfort

  • A scarf or an interesting pair of socks would make your look more hyggelig by also making it more playful. Don't be too serious and get a pair of funny socks or an intriguing scarf and see where this relatively small detail will lead you. Maybe even to the state of happiness? 

  • What else? Use layers! It will help you to adapt to temperatures in different places – like having four different seasons during one single day! I would suggest to start with the most basic layering examples, such as a shirt and sweater or skirt and long warm socks and then move on to some more intriguing ones like wearing a dress on the pants. 

  • Moreover, using black is not only practical but also easy to match with another colour and this option could definitely be used for layering purposes. 

  • One of the most essential things to have in mind when trying to feel hyggelig – make sure you feel comfortable all the time. Your hairstyle, or rather no hairstyle, shall also testify that. Hyggelig hair looks like you have just woke up. Also, another look for your “lazy” hair is putting them on the top of your head in the highest bun possible.

  • It doesn't matter whether you are going to the party or for a walk, your hair, as well as clothes, should not stress you. If it is raining use a raincoat, if it is freezing use woollen and knitted clothes.

  • Lastly, don't haze yourself with extravagant choices, stay minimal and use some interesting accessories or details to create your looks of hygge.

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