Editor's Letter / November Self-Care

Hell of a start

I had no doubt that we would find our audience. We welcome you into second Abstract Stylist month!

As I worked in mainstream publishing houses, I always had this debate about what popular means and how we should present new things that can be eventually approved. Well, I never thought I should give something safe to the reader. I think challenge and diversity is the key to good content. By doing what we know, I and my team got to know a lot of brilliant people eager to create something meaningful and do a little bit of foresight on the next big thing.

We brainstormed this self-care topic to be the main keyword of November month. It's was absolutely looking into worlds most important events happening this month and also from our personal perspectives. This month we will talk about scents, lights, and backpacking alone. What is self-care after all? For me, it's making yourself a challenge to grow and explore. In this month we invite you to make a challenge for yourself - would it be just staying at home the whole day, or finally start that sewing class. Self-care is definitely taking care not only for yourself but for others too. Encourage, listen and discuss.

And for us, this project is made by volunteers, so we ask you to contribute and support us via Patreon platform.


Lina Bernotaityte

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