Editor's Letter / October Abstractus


Welcome to our humble and a bit rebellious home for almost 20 people! We voluntarily created the best dream world possible. Everything started, as Hemingway would say - “Gradually and then suddenly.” Abstract Stylist evolved, from one person idea to a romance shared between us all. 

Just before the launch, I went for a small trip to Edinburgh. There was a rainy cold evening I found myself hanging in a local bar The Waverley. It was the most fascinating and eye-opening moment of the whole trip. Not the whiskey, that was amazing, but the small gathering of 80-year-old something group of people who played their instruments the whole night. And there it was. A magical moment where I realized I want THAT. This energetic feeling of life and not caring about anything at all at the same time. I feel that with this project I am one step closer to that singing and banjo playing girl I saw there. Music was only a brief interpretation played after the stories. With our purpose to talk about great minds from small regions and cover niche questions, even if they can seem a bit off-topic, I think we can tell the hell of the story. And sometimes it can be interfered by a brief song.

We think that the most exciting things hide in little child's courage to ask why and, most importantly, why not. Why not read your poem in front of the full bar of people who gladly encourage you if that’s your passion. We say don’t be afraid to choose a career of the scientist or the white witch. The only thing you should do, well I did that evening, is surround yourself with the right people.

To be brief and let you go on with the exploring - there are 5 sections curated by its own crew. Each month Abstract Stylist will cover a new topic. Surprise, this month it's all about us! We will explain what Abstract is. Abstract Stylist is the new process of browsing! I hope you’ll get to meet our muses who not only have big names but also failed, laughed and spilled their heart into the stories.

Hope you will love it as much as we do! In case you didn’t know, we are the independent small group of people living in Lithuania (why people still ask where is it?). I quit my job to be the part of that singing and storytelling gang in that bar. I hope our stories will leave you with the heart open, just like I left the bar. Some stories need a little push, and here's why we also have our Patreon page. Visit us and keep great content alive!

Lena Lisabona

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