Visual conversation with designer Jean-Baptiste Auvray

I met Jean-Baptiste Auvray via Instagram while visiting a small town Annecy in France where he lives with his family. It took a few years for us to meet in person. This time, he came to Vilnius, Lithuania. Once he was here, I knew I must somehow get a chance to talk to him. His studio Agence Auvray is a design, architecture and scenography agency based in Annecy and Paris. They are responsible for some grand masterworks, such as scenographies and worldwide displays of Van Cleef & Arpels or designs of Lignes Roset

Let’s chat with him in a very unusual way.

3 April, 2019


photographer SONATA LEKNICKAITE (sonathaphotography)


There are two stages I can clearly divide my life into. First, when I wanted to be cars’ designer. And for this reason, I always used to draw this drawing. Second, object design. I am still driven by this passion today. 


What brings you to Lithuania?


This guy.


Can you point out 5 things that look different for you here in Lithuania?

There are a lot of French things here, actually. A lot of people speak French as well. But, if you ask:

  1. Not so difficult.

  2. Romantic.

  3. Weather.

  4. Food & alcohol.

  5. Life looks easier.


List 5 people worth following.

  1. Patricia Urquiola (all the design done with fabrics).

  2. Pierre Marie (colors).

  3. Diller + Scofidio (architecture).

  4. Pierre Gagnaire (chef).

  5. Karl Lagerfeld (for everything).


What is your ambition? Or mission?

To not have any regrets at the end of my life.


Design role in small regions. Is there any?

Design have to be everywhere. Industrial design is going to die, but craft design will be everywhere. 


What role does design play in Your life? Is it important in every day life?

I have never imagined I could do something else. And I would be certainly bad in all other activities. 


The most challenging thing in the world of design is?

My team. 



City (for work) or suburbs (for pleasure) - both

Dogs or Cats

Pop or Jazz

Sweet or Sour

Espresso or Tea - Chocolate (Always…)

Monochrome or Color

Arbstract Art or Classic Art

Jeans or Trousers

Sneakers or Boots


This is the concept we’re working on right now. We’re re-designing my family old Louis XVI chairs. 

This is the place for your imagination.