The Blue Indian / Girls Who are Creating The Artificial Romance    

Light is something we keep looking for everywhere. Be it at the end of the tunnel, in the bathroom or up in the sky. We need the light. But let‘s imagine if the world was a cooler place: the stars are made of the neon lights and you can see a thumbs-up neon sign glowing at the end of the tunnel.   


photographer DARIUS MARKUNAS

Our heroes Indre and Ruta have no problem seeing the world this way. In fact, they are living in a neon world of their own. They spend almost everyday shaping the glowing tubes that become handmade personal neon signs.  


Let‘s sneak into their world and hope that we will not get blinded by the neon lights.

You call yourself The Blue Indian. What‘s the story behind it?

Ruta: The story is mostly related to me and my dreams. It might sound weird, but I‘m sure I‘ve been an American Indian in my previous life. Yeah, it‘s my thing, I‘m obsessed with their style, history, culture and movies.

Neons is another passion of mine. Actually, I‘m crazy about everything related to the '80s. A little bit blue and nostalgic – this is how neons make me feel. That‘s how I came up with the name.

Indre: Basically, the idea of creating personal neon signs came to us naturally. It was born out of Ruta’s passion for the '80s and my experience in art, illustrations. So I’m the creative part of our business and Ruta manages everything else.    

Ruta: It has started as most businesses, I guess. Around two years ago I found myself looking for someone who could make a personal sign for me and I couldn’t find anyone. Or it was super expensive. So, we have decided to be the first in Lithuania who offer the handmade neon signs for everyone. 

Neons, of course, are eye-catching. But what’s so special about your signs?  

Indre: Our neon signs-pictures are exceptional because we make them on the organic glass. It wasn’t easy to develop our own distinctive style, but when we came up with the idea we knew this was it.

A neon sign is a synthetic object, so the same has to be the material it is paired with. Home décor of the '80s was the main inspiration for us. Therefore, our neon pictures fit perfectly not only in the modern minimalistic interior but also look great in an eclectic, boho-chic home. 


How would you describe neons? I guess, they are more than glowing tubes for you. 

Indre: Oh yes, it’s so much more. If I had to describe neons without mentioning what it actually was, I would say it’s an artificial romance. It‘s plastic and emotions in one. Our goal is exactly that – we want to create something that arouses emotions and is not just a dust gatherer. Thus, we put all our heart to the neon pictures we make.

What kind of neon signs you personally prefer the most? 

Indre: I love all kind of phrases, even the most primitive ones. The thing I love about them the most is bending the tubes until I get the right font. For example, the neon picture we made for the Abstract Stylist was a great challenge. It was exhausting and inspiring at the same time.


Ruta: I prefer symbols. The more pop-art the better. Martini glass, hearts, roses, palm trees, flamingos – you name it.  


Neon signs were the real showstoppers in the '80s. And not only them. What else is so exciting for you from these times?

Ruta: Music probably is the second greatest thing about the '80s for me. The electro, sound of the synthesizer, George Michael – this is what influences my own music as well. I am into the '80s all the way. 

I also love the new vaporwave style which perfectly reflects an obsession with the consumer culture of the '80s and '90s. Frankly speaking, it is a microgenre of electronic music and Internet memes.

Indre: Pure colours and geometrical shapes of the '80s drive my inspiration. I also love kitsch. It was my secret passion since I don‘t know when. Now I know there‘s nothing to be ashamed of because kitsch is amazing. Kitsch in fashion or at home – I love it everywhere.  

In conclusion. What would you recommend to watch for the fans of the '80s and neons?

First of all, we would recommend to grab a bowl of popcorn and spend some quality time with the new eye candy – TV series Maniac.    

Second would be a legendary Blade Runner, a 1982 neo-noir science fiction film. Actually, it‘s considered one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. But what‘s most important, it‘s filled with darkness and neon lights. 

Thirdly, we recommend Paris, Texas (1984). It‘s a road movie, so you‘ll see a lot of billboards, graffitis, neon signs and motels. Besides all that it is also has a very nice and touching storyline. 


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