Summer Divorce Time

Summertime is getting to its final days at blazing speed, and you unconsciously start evaluating and judging it... just like you unwillingly do with many other situations where expectations are involved.

So, what exactly did you pack in your luggage for these extraordinary days of the year? Was it something new? Or maybe something older that fits you amazingly and you feel just great in it? Oh, but wait! We are not talking about your bikini, burkini, flattering white linen clothes, iconic hats or trendy sunglasses here. We would like to philosophize on your expectations, your hopes, your self-demands and on your sometimes-impossible-dreams of the perfect instagrammable summer.

text and images by @StainedJabot


Is it possible that you are feeling slightly disappointed (of course, you are) as the warm days are coming to an end? 

We invite you to test your summer expectations while answering the questions below: 

# Was the dream location you discovered on Instagram not so remarkable in real life as it seemed to be online?

# Were you planning to get the best tan but got completely sunburnt because it is not enough to only use sunscreen for the face on cloudy days?

# Were you successfully taking care of yourself for months, going to the gym, taking yoga or pilates classes, sticking to a strict diet and cutting back on gluten, but the person sunbathing next to you still seems to be in much better physical shape?

# Are you wearing exactly the same trendy look (but different colour, of course) as everyone around because the influencer you devotedly follow has influenced more people than just you?

# Did your neighbour got better shots from the same beach you were at because he used a drone camera?

# Didn’t you meet the love of your life during the summer? Just as your friend did while on holiday last year... and whose wedding you are going to attend in three weeks?

# Maybe the nuclear white outfit by your favourite designer got dirty on the first hour of wearing it because you were having chocolate ice cream…or your period started on the first day of your holiday?

# Have you spent all your money... and also a little bit from your credit card?


If you were honest with yourself and answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions – you might urgently need an official dissolution of your unplanned and possibly unwanted union. In other words: you need a DIVORCE. 

A real divorce from a part of yourself, from THAT self which will never feel satisfied. You might even need to get a lawyer to contact THAT part of yourself (this way you avoid the sentimental part of it all) and inform him/ her/ them that you are done with this crap. 

If you are more into verbally expressing all your feelings - do not avoid doing so! 

Tell THAT side of yourself that for too many years you have been packing the same stuff for your holidays: same dreams, same hopes. That you now understand it and not going to forget the fact that half of the stuff (expectations) you were packing in your luggage was not even yours. Perhaps they were your mother´s, friend´s or just society´s projections instead of your own.

Fortunately, there is a solution. You can start with giving yourself a silent moment (it does not have to be by the ocean side in the Maldives) and just try breathing. It is true that we, humans, are communicative creatures and share nearly everything online since the beginning of social media. But it is also true that the happiest moments of our life still happen while we are offline. So, switch off the phone and let yourself feel the sun. Feel it – do not shoot it!!! Do not think about the tan while doing it but enjoy the energy that Sun gives you. Do not listen to what your ego tries telling you – you are officially divorced from it now. The new chapter has started. 

....and then later you are back to work! Everyone is back! Sharing their stories, videos and images half of which you have already seen on Facebook and the other half on Instagram. Maybe you are even thinking about your next holiday... what are you going to pack next time? Same shit?