September Issues Playlist / I Am Lost Here, Again

September is kind of a hardcore month for almost everyone. The light is getting dimmer, the air is getting colder and the autumn depression kicks in. You are definitely not alone in this time of the year when all the issues come to the surface. This month we have compiled some songs that talk about the most important mental issues present these days.

text and playlist compiled by GODA GEDVILAITE

illustration by AUSTE PARULYTE

Let’s start with James Blake – Don’t Miss it, a song about depression and its symptoms. Blake himself tells that this song is an invitation to stop stigmatizing men who express their feelings in the same way as women do. The second song is Imi by Bon Iver from his new album i,i. The whole album is dedicated for the fall season and is all about the time when the leader of the band Justin Vernon was experiencing a big mental breakdown. Imi was written by 28 people and it took them 5 years to accomplish that. This song is a masterpiece and a real emotional cure. Let’s move on with Completely Not Me by Jenny Lewis. This song was playing in a popular TV series Girls. A show about four young girls struggling through everyday’s life and dealing with all the possible issues that people between 20 and 30 could deal with (I would really recommend watching this one!).  I just couldn’t imagine this playlist without King Krules Easy Easy. A sad but inspiring song that says “cause if you going through hell we just keep going” (that is actually a paraphrase of Winston Churchill’s “When you are going through hell, keep on going. Never never never give up”). And the last but not least is Free Finga and his FOMO. Lithuanian song about one of the greatest fears felt these days – fear of missing out. So watch and listen, you are not the only one being lost. 

James Blake – Don’t Miss It

Bon Iver – Imi

Jenny Lewis – Completely Not Me

King Krule – Easy Easy 

Free Finga – Fomo


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