New Year Resolutions / Buy Art Not Cocaine


New Year, babes, comes to remind you that EVERYTHING will be totally different this time. Way better-fuller-brighter-did you already visit a gym? And we are here to remind you that you are doing it wrong if you haven’t written a six-tome New Year Resolution List for 2019 yet. And we are here to save your asses. 


The Resolution will be short. Once noticed on a grey wall somewhere in Warsaw, burning in red spray and offering a really sweet escape. Look, isn’t it tempting?


Now try to remember your last weekend (if possible). Cheap beer, expensive dinner, a pill or few that Marie gave you, champagne and caviar – you name it. We spend them right! And we spend shitloads of money on these weekends we later try to remember. Imagine we get a painting we’ll remember and hang it on the wall for a lifetime, instead of all the booze next weekend? Emerging European artists really know what to offer for you to get high in 2019. And no, you don’t need to open Excel; we’ll help you with the budget.

One Week

No Cocaine (drinks for you and some random guy included too) for a week and a few prints by Polish Karol Banach will be there for you. Inspired by Picasso and Basquiat this illustrator gives us some entertaining shapes and colours.


photo: Karol Banach

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A Month and A Half

Running between Beijing and Ljubljana and featured in such Bibles as Vogue and Playboy, Matjaz Tancic manages to capture little comic and lively moments in overwhelmingly monolithic China. 


photo: Matjaz Tancic

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No price was given for this captivating piece by Latvian Indrikis Gelzis, but little research whispered us, you would get The Cold Shoulder sometime this July. Summer will keep you warm and later bring him back, no worries. 


photo: Indrikis Gelzis

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One Year and A Half

A precise solitude welcomes you from the canvas by the talented Lithuanian painter Patricija Jurksaityte. Make no bookings for your holiday in the summer of 2020 – the bed is made for you already.


photo: Patricija Jurksaityte

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Three Years

Well, nothing but a well-deserved dance and rave is waiting for you after three years of being party-spending-free. Just make sure there is enough room for the edgy sculpture by one of the most promising young Estonian artists Kris Lemsalu on your dancefloor. 


photo: Kris Lemsalu

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Can you feel how EVERYTHING is getting better already? We don’t. It’s the second of January, for-gods-sake. Now go, make your New Year Resolution work. 

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