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First of all, he was heard by the world and only later by Lithuania: still the best way to describe this amazing artist, singer, composer and multi-talent called junior a. His real name is Tautvydas Gaudiesius and he creates alternative electronic music. 3 EP’s (4th on the way!), the rising number of fans in Lithuania and other countries only confirm that his musical journey has only started. One and a half year ago his song Sleep Machine attracted the attention of such companies as Sony and Columbia Records, as well as hit playlist of Spotify Global Viral 50. But this is the story. And now let’s let the words speak louder than actions. We asked junior a to answer the questions that are extracted from the lyrics of his songs. 


“The most abstract thing for me is the small talks working behind the barista’s bar.”

Your friends they see you here but are you really here?

Yeah - that’s something I’m accused of quite often. My body’s pretty much never late. I am quite a punctual individual. On a contrary - my mind rarely arrives. Especially these days. I thought it would fix itself over time. I was obsessed with proving a point early on. Now I feel that I’ve proved it. But apparently, there’s always more doors to open. At this point, I’m starting to forget what I was trying to prove in a first place. Anyways. I am here. I am. For upcoming six minutes anyway.


What gets you through the rainy days?

Well, - since it’s no secret that all of these questions are based on my songs, - it sort of explains itself as it goes on. “You got me through the rainy days, guess no one can beat this, I feel blessed, sleeping only with you babe, and fucking only with you babe..”. Since it’s out there - I have to admit that it used to help. Then again - I found my ways around it these days. Being less cryptic - I write a lot. “A lot” is an understatement. I’m in a psycho mode these days so rain doesn’t really concern me.


What makes you blush?

Many things I guess. You don’t really see yourself when reacting to something, - so it’s quite difficult to determine. I’m surrounded by lovely people most of the time, so when we blush - we blush together.


Are you afraid to die?

At the moment I’m not. Usually, I am. I used to think about it quite a lot. Pretty much every day. For years. I was afraid that I’m going to die before doing something meaningful here. Then I was afraid to die because my mother would not react well. Then it was having a partner, - cause it brings that mentality - ok, - if I die, - it must suck for her now, - since we have promised each other to be a good company and all. These days - without sounding all too gloomy about it - I’m good.

Do you know what it’s really like having a zoo inside your mind?

I certainly do. I’ve been struggling with that for years. Although I have to admit, that since the accident (author’s note: he was in a comma), and all the music stuff has taken off - everything’s changed quite a lot. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro if you know what I mean.


Night time or daylight?

Are we robbing a bank? Camping outside someone’s flat to do some nasty business? It really depends. When it comes to writing - I usually do the best stuff in the morning. Right after waking up. So for that - daylight is alright. I do the most of my living when it’s dark though.

What June’s about?

Varies from June to June I suppose. Eyes on the ball. That’s what it’s all about. Everything. Always. Being able to focus when there’s so much chaos around.

Is there much for us to worry about?

Not really. We’re on a winning team.

Are you a terror free soul?

Far from it. Sometimes I get to forget that though. Once again, - lovely people around me deserve the credit. These days it feels like more and more people are starting to understand what I’m actually about, so they started rooting for me. But the terror’s there - that’s for sure. In the background. Always.

What’s the one thing you are living for?

Music. One word answer right there ;) Come to my show in Loftas on 27th of October. You’ll see what I mean.

Where do you get your ideas from?


Life itself. I know it sounds dull, but I remember speaking to my friend Nauris, back in London. After a proper night out. We were sitting, drinking lemonade, talking how life is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us. I still think that. Life can be grey and boring, or exciting as shit, - you just have to be ready to pull the plug. Throw yourself into a cold water. Skip the class. Swallow the pill. You have to commit. You will never know if you can fly - if you stay on the ledge.

Life is…

The longest cocktail party ever.

Shall we do it again?

Absolutely! It’s been lovely. Thanks for having me.

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