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A long long time ago (ok, not so long, maybe more than 20 years ago) in a very small town called Uzventis in Lithuania once lived two sisters Gabriele and Justina Knyzelyte, don’t forget to mention their brother Milvydas too. This story has to start as a fairy tale because of the fact that you are going to hear next. They were raised not in a typical post-Soviet block of apartments but in an old water mill which thanks to their parents’ efforts became a guest house and a cosy home where they have spent their beautiful childhood. Probably because of this fact they were destined to become the ones who are constantly looking for beauty in everyday life. That’s what they are doing until now.  

Today they call themselves House of Sorelle. It’s a contemporary stationery brand that unites unique conceptual products from all over the world. The main intention of Gabriele and Justina is to elevate the experience of everyday life, to bring out the quality, aesthetics and sense of style. They are willing to make the usuals unusual. Just like their parents did. 




I know that you two were looking for beauty as long as you remember yourselves and out of this intention House of Sorelle was born. Tell us more about the road you have taken?

Our parents were the biggest and most inspiring example for us. We never knew what it was to have your parents working from 9 to 5. They were always into the new plans that made them live each day to its fullest. And trying to make the guest house the cosiest place to stay in the town of Uzventis. So, the story of our own brand, House of Sorelle, has started quite early as well. 

First of all, we had opened the summer coffee place in our hometown and named it House of Sorelle. We were passionate about the coffee, so we decided to merge this passion together with our will to make Uzventis a more attractive place for the people living there and for those who were visiting. Out of this desire, more ideas were born under the name of Sorelle. As an example, we even started creating and selling postcards of the most beautiful places and details of Uzventis. 

We feel that the love for our hometown has been planted in our hearts since the early days. Even though we are living elsewhere now, we are still coming back to Uzventis almost every weekend. And we are doing this not out of the duty as it may seem. We are coming home because we love this place, it’s our Home. Also together as a family, we get ourselves involved in various projects. One of them is our annual art symposium Uzventis’ART.           

Even though House of Sorelle has evolved into a contemporary stationery brand and e-shop, we are trying to be limitless. We tend to think that our brand is not only about stationery, it’s about creativity, and inspiration for everyday life. Be it stationery, art or fashion.  


You are elevating the experience of everyday life for others. What details and self-care rituals help you to make your days more beautiful?   

It might sound weird but our self-care rituals are pretty much the same. Since we are sisters, we tend to do most of the things the same way.   

First is a notebook. We both agree that minimal design, high quality and eco-friendly paper inspire us to think about new plans, ideas and everyday tasks. When you can write down your plans in a beautiful notebook, everyday work becomes a pleasure and more manageable to complete.  

Also, there are the walks. They can happen on the beach or in the alley next to the old water mill in our hometown. In order to recharge or just to run away from the thoughts, we need to spend some time with ourselves. Taking a walk is a perfect way to do it.  

The third ritual we need is a cup of black darjeeling tea served in a handmade cup preferably. Even though we used to have a coffee house, we are tea people after all. And it looks like it‘s for good. 


You love unique stationery. Where else are you looking for the uniqueness in your life?

We are looking for it everywhere: interior, food, clothing. Moreover, balance, minimalism and quality are what has to be there too. We care about the story behind every product or brand we choose. It unites the unique and conceptual products of stationery that we are offering in our e-shop. We are also looking for the shared values behind these brands. Attention to the environment, slowness and aesthetics are the things we are seeking either in everyday life or in our business.   


Stationery is what people are usually using in their workplace. I was wondering how does your perfect and the most inspiring workplace would look like?  

Justina: It might sound a little bit cliché but mine is definitely somewhere hot, by the sea and with a cocktail in my hand. I imagine it could be quite challenging to really work in a place like this but I would give it a shot. 

Gabriele: Comfortable arm-chair, a pot of tea, a light scent of sandalwood and a window view to the river. This place is at our home library at the beloved old water mill in Uzventis.


In your e-shop you have plenty of writing stationery. What writing means to you and when was the last time you have written something voluntarily?   

Justina: The first thing that pops up into my head is compulsory writing at school. I hated it. But after school, I’ve somehow rediscovered writing. Basically, my most common writing fits in these few words – postcards and travel diary. I have to admit I am obsessed with postcards. My family and friends already know that every time I go somewhere they will receive a postcard from me. I love receiving postcards as well – got quite a collection already. What I love most about the postcards is that you can find true emotions between the lines. It‘s very intimate and real.   

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