Divorce Playlist / All I Was Searchin’ For, Was Me

There are so many types of divorce. Divorce with yourself or with somebody else. Divorce with your sadness or your happiness. Letting go of the things that you don’t need anymore and receiving new ones. Closing the doors and opening the windows. This topic is so close to every human being that there are tons of songs written about this unbearable pain that we all share.


Here you have five of them, all different and all so strong. This time we are starting with Chemicals Brothers and their amazing music video about letting go (visually and verbally). Next, Bruno Mars. Crying and regretting. The third ones in our list is Lithuanian band Kamaniu Silelis and the song that is so accurate that it actually hurts followed by Bahamas and their gentle song saying that this life is long and so you wouldn't be wrong bein' free leaving me on my own!. And last but not least, Ben Howard divorcing with his sadness and realising that all I was searchin‘ for, was me. So listen, breath and let it go.

Chemical Brothers – Wide Open

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

Kamanių Šilelis – Neištversiu

Bahamas – Lost in the Light 

Ben Howard – Keep Your Head Up

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