Conservative Playlist

Let us play a belated tribute to our previous topic of conservative by putting on the table something opposite to it. Something liberal and radical, something progressive and open-minded. And of course, someone who wants to make a change. This time a change has been made by the loudest voices of today’s music scene.

We collected 5 songs that are talking about different intimidating and very important topics. The beauty industry, politics of guns, racism, hypocrisy of the Catholic church, homosexuality, refugees. So, what do we have here? Beyonce and her tough opinion that it’s the soul that needs the surgery. Childish Gambino with This is America, song and its video that had been discussed across the globe and then awarded with a Grammy. Hozier talking about his frustration concerning religion and homosexual love. Kendrick Lamar with Alright, which became a real anthem against racism nowadays. And Mia singing about how does it feel being a refugee. There you go. Listen, fight and be inspired. 


Beyonce – Pretty Hurts 

Childish Gambino – This Is America

Hozier – Take Me to Church

Kendrick Lamar – Alright

Mia – Paper Planes