Colours of Bubbles / We Are Born Complete

A few years ago I remember myself saying that if I had my own country its anthem would be one of the Colours of Bubbles songs. Coming from Siauliai, one of the 5 biggest Lithuanian cities, this indie rock band creates music that is so strong that makes you shiver and together so responsive and delicate that makes you fall in love. For more than 10 years their music is alive not only in Lithuania but across Europe and even China. This time we are talking with Colours of Bubbles band leader and songwriter Julijus Aleksovas. We asked him to answer the questions that are extracted and composed of the songs that Julijus himself wrote. 


cover photo credit RYTIS SESKAITIS

What keeps you going?

Perhaps my family. And chasing of perfection in life.


Can you win the race of life?

I’m not really sure. I didn’t win it yet. Guess you can answer this question only at the end of everything. But I’m trying (to compete at least). 


Is your soul – your weakness?

In a way – yes. Sometimes I think that I’m a woman inside.




Are you happy alone?

Even though I’m married now I like spending time with myself. I need it to restart myself. Guess everyone needs it from time to time. 


Would you better go before you fall in love?

It’s too late for me, I’m already in love.


Is God on your side?

I believe so. God is always on your side if you want it to be.


When she is with you are you no longer at war?

When she is with me I am the strongest I can be. She makes me a better man. 


No one believes in love nowadays?

I hope that there is still somebody who does. And I want to believe that I am one of them. Basically, I think that love is becoming more and more banal these days. You can buy it, sell it or just rent it. It became one more product of this consuming society. Commerce. It might be that in all this chaos people just got lost together with their real values. 


Love is…



What’s home for you?

Everything. My family, my peace and serenity, my love, my shelter and hideout, my recreation, my music, my life and my soul.


Is it all in you?

I think that we are born complete. Everything that we need is already coded in us from the beginning. But sometimes we just need to seek for it in ourselves and find a way how to let it out.